Conference Submissions

The International Indigenous Development Research Conference 2014 is now accepting Conference Proceedings Submissions. Closes 1st November 2014.

With over 200 submissions reviewed by the abstracts committee covering all conference themes from over 20 countries, this years conference is one you won’t want to miss!

Presentation Information for Speakers and Chairpersons

Speaker               Session duration              Speaking time                   Question time                 

Chair people         2 minute intro

Keynotes              60 minutes                          45 minutes                          10 minutes                         

Presenters            25 minutes                          15 minutes                          5 minutes                          
(25min parallel)

Panels                   75 minutes                          60 minutes                          15 minutes                         
(75min parallel)


Roundtables        Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th November 2014: Lunch (12:20 - 1:00pm)

30 min session = 3 presenters x 10min            6 minutes                            2 minutes                         

40 min session = 4 presenters x 10min            6 minutes                            2 minutes                         


Poster Sessions    Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th November 2014: Morning Tea (10:15-10:45am)

30 minutes - Discussion & Question facilitation flexible during this time


Poster presentations will be displayed throughout the conference duration with scheduled times for authors to be at their posters for any discussion with or question by conference delegates.

Please ensure that your presentation or poster fits directly with the conference themes.

Conference Proceedings Submissions CLOSE 1 November 2014

Conference Proceedings Guidelines  (available below)  – all oral presenters are invited to submit a paper in the conference proceedings.  The proceedings will be peer-reviewed. 

All abstracts must be submitted using the Online Proceedings Submission Form.  Please note that proceedings submissions close date has been extended to the 1st November 2014.

We welcome contributions that report on themes central to the realisation of indigenous development including:

  • Optimising Indigenous Economic Wellbeing – addressing issues, needs and opportunities arising in indigenous communities leading to increased economic independence and self-determination.
  • Healthy and Thriving Indigenous Families – addressing issues, needs and opportunities arising in indigenous families leading to healthy, successful and thriving indigenous families. 
  • Enhancing Indigenous Distinctiveness – understanding the distinctive contributions that indigenous communities – people, knowledge, assets, resources – do and may yet make to the world. Opportunities for development that may not be sourced from any other community or population..

For more information please also download:

Oral Presenters and Chairs Guidelines (available below- please ensure you comply with these oral presentation guidelines.  Session Chairs will be selected from accepted abstracts and conference panel members.

Roundtable Presenter Guidelines  (available below) - please ensure you comply with these roundtable presentation guidelines.

Poster Guidelines  (available below)- please ensure you comply with these poster presentation guidelines. Posters have a numbered dedicated poster display space of A0 - 841mm x 1189mm 331⁄8” x 463⁄4”.

Acceptance of an abstract does not confer any monetary assistance to attend the conference, and all expenses, travel, accommodation and registration fees must be met by the individual.

For enquiries about abstracts and papers please contact the Conference team at 

Conference Guidelines for Download